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The Sports Bar
Sports Bar at Undo's West
Undo's Benwood
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Benwood Entertainment

The Sports Bar

At Undo's in Benwood, WV

The Sports Bar
Opened May '09

The Sports Bar - featuring a Sports bar menu such as...
Phiiily Cheese Steak
and Sports Bar Sirloin Steak

Monday-Thursday: Food served at the bar 4pm
Tuesday: Euchre night beginning at 7:00 p.m. (Sports Bar open) - (Restaurant closed)
Friday & Saturday: Food served at the bar 4pm
Sunday: Food served 1pm

6 Flat Screen TV's
Direct TV - MLB Package plus NFL Direct

Special Days include:
Monday - Steak Night
Wednesday - Restaurant closed
Thursday - Wing Night

*Plus Daily Happy Hour Specials

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